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Web2.0 Product Design

Web2.0 Product Design

Web 2.0 goes beyond conveying information from a website. This conception promotes participation from all the visitors through different interactive features. What really shapes Web 2.0 is – Interactive processing, increased user experience, adherence to canonical standards and most importantly the ease to build on it further.

We at Design-Redesign offer all these as building units while offering a Web 2.0 product design service. Our Web 2.0 designing services include essential planning for making high quality products with the use web 2.0 technologies that makes your website simpatico in every web browser. Our expert web design teams spend hours to make best plans and originative designs in accordance to your business needs to propagate your product in the market.

We offer CSS based Web Product Design as standard, which is an essential element of Web 2.0. Usage of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which has now become popular as Web 2.0 CSS makes the product quite scalable and simple to change. CSS driven websites are also closely associated with division based coding since it standardizes the presentation of content. The easiness to modify or design further is possible because a change in the CSS changes the presentation across the entire website systematically making it scalable and easy to build on.