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Dedicated Services

Hire Offshore Staff & Dedicated Outsourcing Services

W3C Web design offers multiple flexible outsourcing models focusing immediate financial benefits while strictly focusing on on-time quality delivery of artifacts.

We can act as your IT wing

In this model of outsourcing, we act as client’s IT wing. We engage our analysts with the client to identify the need of IT systems in their business processes. During this process of need-identification, we can also assist client in optimizing business processes, however, if required, this can be performed as a separate activity as well. After the identification of IT systems required to run the business processes smoothly, we conduct research to find most optimized systems. If an out-of-the-box solution is selected, we also perform GAP analysis to identify the gaps and make sure that it is assisting rather then creating issues. If need arises, we can use our in-house development teams to build a custom software. This way we assist our clients in keeping their business run smoothly and make staff more productive. If required, we also provide software training to the employees so that business processes can be executed with any problems.

This model is suitable for companies in non-IT related businesses and wants to stream line their process, decrease their service time, decrease expenses and make their performance efficient exponentially.

Can run offshore development team

In this model of outsourcing, we construct a pool of highly skilled developers based on tool/technology requirements. Since our team includes resources of different skill sets and skill levels, building a hierarchical or a flat team is possible. All resources are billed as per use.

This model is suitable for product development and companies who require constant changes in their software systems. This assists in maintaining a loyal team of developers who totally understand the business requirements and prove out to be an asset in long term scenarios.

We have implemented a time tracking software which can help creating transparency in achieving “pay for what you use”. Beside this, our managers prepare weekly task sheets containing the tasks completed by each developer during the week.

If required, we can use our Project W3C Web designers to monitor the progress of the projects. They can assist clients in preparing requirement documents, WBS, effort estimation, cost estimations and project planning. Performing tracking, over sight, risk management and activity report preparation is part of our development life cycles.

Can run offshore project management

Our Project W3C Web designers can assist in managing remote projects. We have experienced project managers available in our pool who have experience of working with tier one companies of Pakistani Software Industry. They have full knowledge of CMM oriented process management and well trained as per PMP curriculum.

They work with primary stake holders and create WBS documents, trace-ability matrix, project plans, cost estimations, risk identification and management. They can also work remote development teams and perform tracking, over sight, risk management and prepare activity reports.

Can run offshore quality assurance staff

In this model of outsourcing, we can engage our quality assurance staff. They can develop test cases using Requirement Specification and Functional Specification documents and can perform end-to-end application testing. Using our development team, we can also build unit test cases using popular frameworks like NUnit and JUnit. Testing may include:

  • Test case execution
  • Verification of requirements
  • UI testing
  • Security testing / audit
  • Stress testing
  • Bench marking using different hardware/software configurations

Our QA staff comprises of experienced resources who have worked with tier-one software houses of Pakistan and are creative and possess vast experience of application testing. They use tools such as Test Director, WinRunner, LoadRunner and Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner to optimize the process of testing.