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Client Login Section Redesign

Client Login Section Redesign

Registered users are definitely up above in the conversion hierarchy and a satisfying user experience can help them convert into customer. As far as clients login or customer home sections are concerned, it is well known that repeat purchases are very common with customers and the chances of conversion increase 10 fold for customers vs. new users. It makes all the more sense to give an aesthetic look and feel to the screens that the registered users and customers see.

While designing a login page, many doubts may arise, like
  • How should the “forgot password” link be written?
  • What about including a cancel button?
  • Should it be keep me signed in or remember me on this computer?
  • Should the layout be horizontal or vertical?
  • Should login be a separate page or light window kind of approach?

Whether you are a small business venture or a large administration, we are able to help you with all aspects of your website design project. We offer professional client login page designs of highest quality and make this page as secure and usable as possible while limiting the effects of phishing scams.

We help our clients move to new horizons and new verticals, to secure new online customers and to have a professional image where it matters – in front of a world-wide flock. We will be delighted to help you in achieving your business goals with a complete range of tailor-made services.